OUR SPECIALTY

Cosmetic Bonding, or sometimes called Instant Orthodontics, is our most popular procedure.

Discolored teeth and fillings, chipped or fractured teeth, spaces between the teeth, even teeth in not perfect position, that all can be fixed by adding, sculpturing and finally polishing the composite resin material over the existing teeth surfaces. we are talking basically about

veneers but not made from porcelain.

The porcelain crowns and veneers are without question the best cosmetic treatment in dentistry. They have big advantages over composite . They don't chip, porcelain is much stronger, so if you are heavy bruxer ( grinding your teeth) the composite material is not for you. Also they  don't change in color and last 20+ years. The "negatives" are high price and it takes couple of weeks from start to finish.

The veneers from resin material last 5 - 7 years, they may over a time chip and get discolored.

But they are way cheaper, and it is a good option for  patients not financial ready to fix their smiles for an fraction of the price. They are also finished mostly in one visit and without need of anesthesia. 

Many dentists don't offer this procedure from various reasons as the level of difficulty and low profitability. Yes, composite veneers are not easy to do right, you need  not only skills but years of practice and talent.

So please , check photos of  my actual patients at the photo gallery and give us a call to  schedule a consultation to find out if this would be right treatment for you !