Why Choose Us?


Family Oriented


Quality - Not Quantity



We are a family oriented practice and offer a wide variety of dental procedures  from basic oral exams and     cleanings  to fillings, crowns & bridges, veneers, dentures, root canals, extractions, teeth whitenning,
 nightguards and more.
You will get my full attention and be very happy with the treatment if it is just a simple filling or full mouth restoration. Dentists like me are pushed away by money and profit driven corporations, they treat you as a number and try to sell you treatment you don't need. That is not going happen in my practice. I will tell you what is important for your dental health and should be done right away, and what is not and can be done later. I am not the cheapest dentist around but not the most expensive either.
I  have over 35 years experience in almost every dental discipline. I also only purchase and use the latest and greatest dental innovations, and continually retool my office. Relax with TV or music while we work on creating the best smile for you.

Everyone will promise you all the best at their web pages and the only way to find out is visit the dental office and check the dentist in person. I encourage  you to  check our reviews on Facebook and Google and if you like it, give us a call, schedule an appointment and come to see me. Hope you won't be disappointed.