Testimonial 1


 I was a patient of Dr. Humplik at his other practice in East Columbia, near Garners Ferry. Absolutely-the-best-Dentist, hands down, that anyone will ever find. I mean, I'm sure theres good dentists. I know there is but, this dentist is so experienced and careful, gentle, already knows what youre trying to tell him while youre giving him a sign or a signal and the wisdom, qualities like he has only comes from being there, doing that, for a longggg time. Lexington, you now have the nicest, kindest, smartest, experienced and best dentist in South Carolina and probably the entire east coast! Thats what I think of this dentist.

Marc Carraway


Testimonial 2


I was a patient of Dr. Humplik in Boston since early 1992 until the time he sold his practice in Canton, Ma. Unequivocally the best dentist period. He will not try to push or sell a procedure that is not necessary. Further, he will give you options to consider. This is unheard of in this type of industry. Most dentist will insist on a root cancel, implants, veneers, etc. All of these are expensive procedures and Dr. Humplik would never try to convince a patient to proceed without knowing all the facts. He even arranged for me to get significant work done for a fraction of the cost by visiting a colleague of his in Czechoslovakia. Truly the best! In fact I may have to make a road to trip to his new practice to complete some follow up work. Sometimes his wife will wok in the office. She is just as pleasant as him. Great family:)

Johny Utah









  One of the most amazing and kindest dentist I know . I would travel from Massachusetts to see him so would his former patients!!!
Ellen McDonald Evangelista